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About Our Company

The Industrial Blacksmithing Co., got its start in 1956 as a supplier of hand-crafted tongs to forging plants across the United States. In 1978 the company was purchased by Dennis Mosholder, who already had nearly 20 years experience in the hand tool industry as Vice President of the Warren Tool Co. He applied his knowledge of the markets and processes and Industrial Blacksmithing began to grow.

By 1990 the company had reached well beyond it’s forging tong core and the Industrial Blacksmithing name no longer seemed to fit. The company was re-named Lansing Forge, Inc. and soon the LFI moniker became recognized within the railroad forging and industrial supply world. Over the next 20 years LFI expanded its presence in these industries while seek opportunities in new areas. Every step of the wayLFI was building a reputation for making quality tools produced only in the U.S.A.

Today Dennis is retired but the company remains family-owned and continues to thrive and grow. The Forging Tong business that started it all is still right at the core but it is far from alone. In addition to the industries mentioned earlier we now serve many more such as the U.S. Military, Marine, Construction,Plumbing, Mining, Oil & Gas, Agriculture & Automotive to name a few. Please take a look at our catalog and keep in mind that we are not limited to what is inside as we make many specials and custom items as well. Also, remember that all items are produced in the USA. If given the opportunity to satisfy your needs we are confident that LFI will not disappoint.